Web and Publishing Systems Developer, Scribe Inc., Philadelphia, PA

  • Maintained and deployed all company-managed Drupal and WordPress sites on the Pantheon platform.
  • Migration to Pantheon cut deployment time by 30%.
  • Lead theme developer for all company-produced Drupal and WordPress sites.
  • Led front-end development of web application that allows Scribe clients to publish content to a variety of output formats, including EPUB, Kindle, and XML. Web application has cut title conversion times by 25%.
  • Developed and deployed a custom production system for company-wide use on a PHP MVC framework.
  • Transitioned company project data from existing Microsoft SQL system into current MySQL database model.
  • Migrated existing CRM system from SugarCRM to BaseCRM.
  • Developed custom content archives using Drupal 7 and Apache Solr that serves as the main search tool for major publishers.
  • Project manager for transitioning content from legacy formats into modern XML.
  • Wrote custom importer to create Drupal nodes based on custom data model.
  • Developed theme and UI for specialized site users. Acted as lead architect for server LAMP stack and managed DNS updates andnetwork configuration.


XML Developer, Project Manager, Scribe Inc., Philadelphia, PA

  • Acted as project manager for development of an archival site, which houses XML content from over 100 years of lectures on natural theology.
  • Developed custom content management tool and migrated site to a Microsoft environment.
  • Oversaw scanning and OCR of over 100 titles and provided regular reports to client PMs.


E-book Developer, Scribe Inc., Philadelphia, PA

  • Led the development of medical texts in Mobipocket.
  • Built educational materials for use with Palm devices, Microsoft Reader, and Adobe Reader.
  • Assisted with development and conversion of print materials to XML for display on the web.


E-book Developer, OverDrive Inc., Cleveland, OH

  • Project lead for title conversion to Mobipocket and Adobe Reader for two major publishers.
  • Co-lead for digitization of New Yorker issues via Photoshop scripting.